Become a State-Certified
Driving Instructor

Modern Approaches to Traffic Safety offers state-approved courses to become and maintain certification as a driving instructor in Florida.

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Learn how to empower new drivers and make a real difference on our roads — join the ranks of certified driving instructors.

Our state-approved courses are your gateway to becoming a certified driving instructor and maybe even a driving school owner! Our courses are designed with the latest, most modern approaches to traffic safety in mind. You'll receive comprehensive training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to not only understand driving laws but also effectively teach them in both the classroom and behind-the-wheel.

Get ready to learn from the best! John Bolen, a respected industry leader with over 30 years of experience in the Florida driving school industry, will be your guide throughout the certification process. His wealth of knowledge is your key to success.

Florida Driving Instructor
Certification Class

Obtain a Florida Driving Instructor Blue Card. This class is for first-time driving instructors, instructors who let their certification lapse, and instructors with a temporary Gray Card.

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Florida Certification
Renewal Class

Renew your Florida Driving Instructor Blue Card. This class must be taken at least every five years. The state may also require you to take this class if you have certification in another state.

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Florida DPAS
Online Course

Obtain a temporary DPAS Gray Card to work for a driving school (already registered with the DMV) or establish a driving school (that will be registered with the DMV).

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